My daughter is 9 months old and teething. Can you relate? Runny nose, fever, tears, and, fuzziness. You hold your little one close… and wish… wish already, at such a young age, that you could take away their pain.

This morning my baby rested her little fuzz head against my shoulder and her soft hand searched frantically for mine. When her hand met mine my I felt her whole body relax. She was secure, in my arms, in my touch. She knew she was not alone.

My heart melted as snow in sun’s rays. I could not take her pain away. I could not endure her pain for her. I could not give her reason for her pain. But I could hold her. Her petite body wrapped in my arms. I could assure her she was not alone, not alone in her pain. I was with her.

In this precious moment everything was still. Nothing else mattered. The sandwiches on the counter in process could wait. I was needing a shower, but that could wait too. I had a running to do list…but all of it could wait. The most precious gift was in my arms. The precious moments…the quiet moments. My affection toward her. It’s what she needs. It doesn’t take her pain away, but that is okay. What she really wants, really needs is to know she is not alone.

Are we not the same? When it comes down to it? When we are in pain what are we searching for? In the depths of us, what do we really want?

There is a place where we too can feel that comfort a baby feels in a mother’s arms. We never out grow love. We never out grow the need to feel secure. We never out grow the desire to not be alone.

There is a place, in the arms of Jesus, our Savior. He is now the place, the place where we find love, security, and companionship. In His arms our pain is released.

What does it look like? How can we be in the arms of the invisible God?

It looks different for each heart. It may take some time, patience to find your place with Jesus, but it is worth it. Worth the seeking out.

It could be through sitting in your own prayer closet or walking in nature. It could be swinging on your front porch or sipping coffee at the local coffee shop. Whatever it is. There is a place. A place where your heart can be still, be held, in His arms.

There is a place you can go. You are not alone.

Christ wants to be that place for each of us. He wants us to find that place to meet Him. That place where we let go, where we let Him touch our pain.

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. NLT