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Author: Melissa Schrock

Lessons in the Public Restroom

Four weeks have passed since the birth of our second daughter. Time flies when you don’t get much sleep! (insert laughing emoji)  In these first four beautiful yet intense weeks, my mind spins with stories and illustrates of God’s magnificent character.  One of my first stories happened a week and a half in. I was feeling brave, strong and ready to conquer the world as a mommy of 2. “I got this!” I thought to myself. “I can do it!”  Packing the newborn and the toddler in the van I headed to our local grocery store to do a...

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Horrible Manners

As communication grows between my 2-year-old and I lessons pop up endlessly. In the last week, I have been both amused and irritated. Encouraged and discouraged. Feelings of success and failure.  I am sure you moms out there can relate.  It is dinner time. Tummies are starting to growl and turn. Standing in the kitchen I have finally decided what to make and the culinary explosion has begun.  At her post in the kitchen which is her handy step stool my daughter stands watch. Yes, watch my every move. When she sees something she likes her vocals loosen and, “Mo peas!...

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Summer Heat

The heat of summer. Humidity rises and the air is thick. Breathing seems more difficult in these conditions. Sweat coats the body in a simple walk to the mail box. Summer is such an exciting season however not without its challenges and frustrations. That season when all is supposed to be well, right? Easy. But is it really?  Life. Life has its own seasons of summer heat and heavy air. Even when it seems all is right, all is good life can carry a weight as heavy as Missouri humidity.  Life is good.  The job you’ve worked for… The companion...

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Sweet or Sour

The first handful of blueberries you pop into your mouth. A juicy melon that makes your taste buds dance. The sound of biting into the perfect ear of corn…crunch. All winter we look forward to these days. As we walk the sad and bare aisle of the produce section we long for the fresh taste of summer. There is nothing quite like the summer harvest. My daughter and I went blueberry picking today. Her little hands were stained blue by the time we left. A blue beard also formed around her pink lips to match her hands.  Her voice squealed through...

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Metal doors, wood doors, barn doors, glass doors, sliding doors. The number of doors we see and walk through each day is endless. Doors bring us inside, outside. Doors lead into rooms, hallways and closets. Doors guide us through a building from top to bottom. Doors keep us out or let us in.  What is all this gibberish about doors? Well, every life has a door. Every heart has a door. Some of us have let many in. Others have chosen only a few. Some have opened their heart’s door to Jesus. Others maybe for a season and then sent Him...

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