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Author: Melissa Schrock

Refining Patience

Tired. Frustrated. I plopped myself at the dinner table. My dear husband being the observant man that he is, began to pray, thanking God for the meal before us. As he prayed the words coming from his lips quickly poured right into my heart. He prayed for my patience. That I could hold fast in the trying and that he would not be a burden to my already frustrated soul.  Those words struck deep down. Not in a piercing kind of way but in an eye opening, heart examining kind of way.  I didn’t even realize as I sat...

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This Spring Journey

Signs of spring are emerging. Green poking out of the ground. Snow turning to rain. Temperatures above freezing. Less frozen mornings. No scraping white dust from the car.  Spring. A season of new life. Fresh growth. Trees will soon have leaves again. Colors will dot the earth at our feet. Spring. A season of hope. Resurrection. Life. As Christians, life and resurrection mean much to us. It is because of the life, death and resurrection of Christ that we have a beautiful hope. A reason to breathe. A knowledge, a faith of better things to come.  This season often...

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Pretending It’s Not There

We all have things in our lives that we like to ignore. Pretend it doesn’t exist. That broken relationship. Those sins buried in the heart. The unspoken words in the marriage. That attitude as sour as a fresh lemon. You know what yours is. You know that thing you avoid, hide, pretend it isn’t there.  My 20-month-old bouncing, spunky toddler has reminded me lately. Reminded me of those things I ignore. Those yucky, bad feeling sins that I can keep hidden.  When it comes to dinner time there is often a little girl in a high chair not satisfied. The...

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Beautiful Daily Grind

Being a woman: single, married, children or not is full of daily callings. A calling to put self aside for another. A submitting, a deep loving that comes best from a place, a beautiful place in the heart. A place touched by God. A place where that woman knows her worth, her identity, her beauty. A place cultivated and nourished. A place open to the mighty working of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, it is in the depths of our hearts where our giving and giving again comes from.  Can you imagine if we all did only what we felt...

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What Kind of Friendships are We Seeking?

Think back to your childhood. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal? A toy that came alive to you? Did you have an imaginary friend that would join you in life’s adventures?  It seems many children do. It is part of being a child and really part of being human. We all long to have a friend, companionship. Someone to laugh with and cry with. Someone to share the joys and struggles with.  Over the last six months, I have watched my daughter become attached to a particular pink bear. She wants to sleep with the bear and throughout the...

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