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Author: Melissa Schrock

What Plate Are You Choosing?

It’s breakfast time and I actually have a plan. We are going to have cinnamon raisin french toast! Yes, finally something besides cold cereal. I am thrilled! Cold cereal feels like such a cop-out. A last resort I use daily in this season of little ones.  Setting this glorious breakfast in front of my two-year-old she begins to cry. Cry, pout and cry some more.  After quite some time she tells us she doesn’t want the french toast. No, she wants cereal.  I am shocked! Cereal over french toast. Wait! What!? And a similar scene about a week later. Heading home...

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Live in the Light

Failure. Daily that word rings in my ears. Daily I feel the weight of shortcomings. The inadequacy in my relationships with my children, husband and heavenly Father. Lack of patience as my two-year-old runs in the opposite direction instead of putting on her shoes. My frustration with my 4-month-old who is restless due to teething. And my nightly leftovers I serve my husband. On top of it all, I can’t remember the last time I had a quality quiet time with my Father.  The mud of life. The mess that sticks to my shoes and weighs me down. The...

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She is an explorer. Every day an adventure. She is climbing mountains.  Stumbling into new discoveries. She is moving forward one step at a time. And she is two.  She is an explorer. At two years old she is discovering the world around her. What is her guide? Her map on these adventures? Imitation. Watching and repeating. What she sees. What she hears all goes through and back out on repeat.  It is both entertaining and scary to watch my precious two-year-old learn through imitation. Somedays I see things that make me proud. She says thank you when her daddy...

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Life is Better Shared

It is late morning. Autumn air has set in. Leaves are fading off the trees. Squirrels chase each other across branches. And inside a two-year-old bounces with joy and energy.  Mega blocks are scattered across the floor. Mini towers, blocks connected she calls an animal and of course the “choo-choo” sliding across the room. Just as fast as she started playing with them she is done.  “All done!” she proclaims as I sip on a cup of coffee. Tossing the blocks into the bag she then announces, “Mommy do it! Mommy help!”  “Sure, I will most certainly help you.”...

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Encouragement for Mommy

Oh, how life has changed! Toys between my bottom and the couch cushion. A baby nursing on the right side and a toddler tugging my arm on the left. The smell of poo lingering for hours. Random sticky spots on the wood floor. Somehow it is noon and I haven’t washed my hair or brushed my teeth. I gave up reheating my coffee hours go and I can’t remember what day of the week it is.  This crazy, messy life. The hardest thing I have ever done. The day to day. The tears, the joys. Every day an adventure full of...

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