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Author: Melissa Schrock

Get It!

After a few weeks of clouds, this weekend was a cheerful delight. Sun and warm temperatures. A kind of spring tease. A reminder that spring is coming…in a few months. With the warmer temperatures came the awakening of the hibernating species. Slowly wiggling. Trying to move and fly. As I sat my daughter in her chair for lunch we heard a little buzzing sound. Looking up we both saw it. A black wasp trying to get its wings working again. The wasp landed in the light above the dining table and my daughter extends her arm upward. “Get it!”...

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Timing in Life

Timing. Something we think about in our life planning. When big events should happen. Merriam-Webster describes timing: the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect.  Often I have chosen my optimum times in life. When I would finish college, get married, have a child. I thought I knew the perfect season for all these things. Timing. My timing.  Life has unfolded differently than my timing. Life has flipped and flopped in ways I never imagined. This life I am living is something more beautiful than I could have ever planned, ever timed out and ordered. ...

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Practice Communication

The beginning of communication. The formation of words. Beyond the coos and sounds. Her brain, her mouth are trying fervently to form words.  It’s a new game we play. She points to a picture in one of her books and I say the word. Flower, Butterfly, water, bridge…on and on. She repeats to the best her brain and mouth can produce. She holds up a piece of play food and again a similar story. Sometimes she gets the words right. Other times very close. And still, others are way off. That is okay. She is learning. Growing. Discovering how...

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Be Loved

Most of us are familiar with the worship song Good Good Father.  Every time I hear the song, sing the words my heart rises into the place it belongs. A place called Home. Woven into its melody is the truth of our true identity. Who we are.  In a world that screams and demands other things from us. A world we were not truly made for. A world that bites us, kicks us, knocks us down. But despite all that. Despite this world, that is not our true Home. We have hope. We have the ability to rise above....

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Faith or Fear

The unknown. New territory. Steps we never have taken before. It can feel daunting. Overwhelming. One part of us wants to press through. Just do it. Walk in faith instead of fear. Another part of us shrinks back. Hiding in the known, the comfortable, the familiar. In our heads race thoughts from the past. The mistakes and failures we have made. How can we charge into new lands when we are so messed up? How can we move from the very place we are and not tremble at the thought of the might be’s lurking ahead?  That mountain of...

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