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Author: Melissa Schrock

The Eyes of a Toddler

If you spend any amount of time with a toddler you can quickly notice how they take in the world around them. They are watching. Observing. Learning behind those wide eyes. Despite the whining, the full body tantrums and the jibber jabber that comes out of their little mouths. There is something magical happening inside. Wires connecting. The secret process of learning.  One day this week my morning started with a toddler on my legs. Pulling. Crying. Screaming. Wiping her stick snot all over my pants. I was getting frustrated with every minute. What more could she need? I...

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He is Able

First off I want to apologize to you, my friends, for my inconsistency with writing lately. Some weeks I write 2 or 3 blogs and the next it’s none.  I want to be real with you all. Giving you yet another piece of my heart. Another chapter in this journey, this story God is writing in and through me. God is the Author of each of our lives. We all have a story to share. We all have a journey to experience and grow in. Don’t be afraid to share. Don’t be afraid to let others in on your journey...

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Living Defeated

Defeated. A feeling of lost control. A sense of courage sucked from heart, mind. Defeated.  Some days I walk motherhood in steps of defeat. Heart heavy, head low. Somehow I feel inadequate to do something the Lord has called me to do…parent.  The messages I am trying to teach seem to be hitting concrete walls. Disciple ineffective. My dreams, my heart trampled by little feet.  Why does it feel so overwhelmingly difficult some days? Why do I feel swallowed in a dark hole of defeat?  Isn’t this parenting thing something the Lord impressed upon my heart? Didn’t I want to be...

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Quiet Places and Crowded Spaces

Setting her down in her bed for an afternoon rest I make a dash to the bathroom. Closing the door. I breathe deep. Aw…alone. Actually completely alone. I can just sit here on the toilet as long as I want…completely alone. When I became a mother I didn’t understand the fact that alone time would be so rare. I love being with my daughter. Her presence is a sweet gift, however, I deeply appreciate alone time. The quiet stillness…rest. As a single woman, I remember despising all the alone time I had. I just wanted to be with someone…the...

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Presence Over Fear

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing seemed to go right. My daughter’s nose was running all over and she reacted to her symptoms with great drama. It was raining. The road was closed due to rain. I was late. I felt totally incompetent at something I love doing. I burnt dinner. Well, you catch my drift.  In the middle of it all, I kept crying out to God. Are You here right now? Do You see me? Do You care? Can You just bail me out of one thing, ONE Thing?  Why does life feel incredibly difficult some...

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