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Author: Melissa Schrock

Breaking Heart

Have you ever had a day where everything around you is beautiful, sun shining, your children playing happily yet something deep inside feels broken? Like your heart is seeping and you can’t find the source?  70 degrees outside in late February, something that usually gives me a burst of energy. However, on this day the heart is breaking…wide open. Pieces falling and I don’t have the answers. Why? What is causing this? I want to run, hide, escape.  While my heart and soul desire to run I know that is not the answer. I know I must sit. Be with...

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Truth will Always Win

I am in my chair. my writing corner. About to press fingers to keys when I see a spider suspended in mid-air. Immediately I jump. Spiders are not welcome in my home. Retrieving a tissue I come back to the area where the spider was. However, he is not there. Not in site.  My heart flips a little knowing the spider is lurking somewhere, but I can no longer see him. Thinking I realize I need a different angle, a new perspective. While I was getting the tissue he must have descended more. On my hands and knees, I...

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Love Every Day

February 14th known as Valentine’s Day. What do you think of when you hear the words…Valentine’s Day? Do you feel the beating heart of love? Do you have a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend that makes your blood run warm? Do you feel sad, alone? Do you love Valentine’s Day or hate it?  We all have different thoughts and emotions when it comes to February 14th. Stories, reasons, love and pain fill of hearts. This day of paper hearts, red roses, decadent chocolates, and Hallmark cards. A day to cherish or a day to jump over.  We all have our reasons....

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Even in Our Fear

Recently as I have listened to the radio I have been touched by the songs about giants. Songs that speak to the heart of our fears. Lyrics that touchdown in the center of our hearts. Giving a voice to the places of unsettling, insecurity, fear. Deep inside, the place that keeps our feet from moving and our hands from serving.  Do you remember the story of David? A boy with faith to conquer fears. David did not hesitate. David did not question God’s faithfulness or that He was good. Boldly, David approached fear. Take a minute to read, to...

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Growing Patience

Before meals or the excitement of an upcoming activity our little toddler bounces, squeals, and whines. Her desire is for the “thing” now, right now. No waiting. Instant. The food, the play-doh, bubbles it doesn’t matter. Whatever she wants she wants it immediately.  In our house, we often sing the chorus of the children’s song Have Patience. The beginning of the chorus goes like this:  Have patience, have patience Don’t be in such a hurry When you get impatient, you only start to worry While my daughter may not understand these words ring true. The idea of patience to a toddler...

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