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Author: Melissa Schrock

His Ways are Best

I am still fairly new to this parenting journey however as the days go by I am reminded again and again of its reflection of my own relationship with my heavenly Father.  He is teaching me about Him, about me through my relationship with my girls. God is opening my heart and mind to His ways and His love.  It is evening. My husband is gracefully walking our toddler through the bedtime routine. I likewise am getting the baby ready for the night. As the minutes tick by, I am dreading the feeding. In recent days a third tooth has...

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Angry Heart Cracking

In the early morning hours, cool spring rain poured all around our rural home. The little creek could not contain the waters. Spilling over into any and all low places. Including the low water crossing in our driveway. My heart sunk. This rain, this water was going to keep us trapped. Keep us hostage. Prevent us from going anywhere. Including our playdate.  I had been looking forward to getting out. Having time to sit with another mom as our children played. I was looking forward to a little “break”. A little time to be a woman.  As the day...

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Only Two Wipes

As moms, we try our best to be prepared. Ready for the expected and the unexpected. Extra clothes, coats, diaper bag, snacks, water. Some essentials to always have on hand.  It takes twenty minutes (on a good day) just to get the kids ready, van loaded and on the road for a simple grocery run.  Yes, this was a day like that. My arms were loaded and ready to drive the half hour to run the biweekly errands. Extra clothes – Check Coats – Check Diaper bag – Check Snacks – Check Water – Check Our first stop on this...

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Obey First

The hard floor is pressing into my weary knees as I look eye to eye with my ever growing toddler. It is nap time and we are having another “talk”. Once again my toddler does not want to nap. She is still “paaying”.  Looking into her dark brown eyes I explain how naptime is part of every day. Naptime is needed. Naptime is good. And sometimes we have to do things we really don’t want to do like stop playing and have rest time. She jumps up and down, screams acting as if I am sharing some kind of...

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Elephants and Frogs

A cool February day. Gray clouds cover the blue sky I know is up there somewhere.  My heart is heavy. My mind is full of to-dos. And a carefree toddler runs all around me.  Trying to pause my heart and mind I sit with her on the floor. She has a puzzle. Handing me the board she searches the floor for the missing animal. Looking for the elephant. Turning her head back and forth. “There it is!” She proclaims, “Behind the frog.”  The elephant was hiding behind the frog. I let that soak in. The elephant is hiding behind the...

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