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Author: Melissa Schrock

Not Just an Ordinary Day

Today we had an ordinary visit to the grocery store. I wandered the aisles, trying to stay focused while my daughter talked loudly right in front of me. She wasn’t upset just letting the world know she was there. In one hand she gripped my grocery list. Yeah, the one that was supposed to help me stay focused and get ONLY the items on that list. Yet again she claimed it as hers and was not going to let go.  Her other hand was busy trying to open the bag of carrots which she was very close to doing....

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Accepting His Gifts

Shopping at the grocery store when you are hunger is never a good idea. And especially as a hungry pregnant momma. Spotting the discounted donuts I could not resist this time. Placing them in the cart I was eager to get home and eat one. I was also looking forward to sharing this special treat with my daughter.  Something she has never tasted before…a blueberry glazed donut. Mmmm! I pictured in my mind how she would respond. How she would jump up and down with excitement and enjoyment. How this would be something to make this day extra special.  Arriving...

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One Comforter

She’s not that old yet. Just coming up on two years of life however it feels like it has been ages since she let me hold her close. Rock her, snuggle her for more than a minute.  There is something about feeling sick that makes us vulnerable. Something about our bodies telling us we are weak that makes us seek comfort.  This morning she awoke with a 103-degree temperature. All morning all she wanted to do was rest in my arms. While it tore me up inside to see her so miserable I embraced the chance to hold her...

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It’s Okay

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t get a break? Storm after storm crashing. A shaking to your core. Storms on all sides, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Night after night strong wind and booming thunder. Can’t think clearly. Can’t hear anything other than storm noise.  I have felt this place recently. I have struggled to keep pressing forward despite the hollowing storm. I have wanted to quit, to fall down and not get up again. I have struggled to see the sun shining behind the grey storm clouds. Tired, weak, overwhelmed. Feelings that swirl in these days of storm.  This...

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Love Journey with God

Little fingers grasp crayons. One by one they slide into the box. Sitting around the little kitchen island we play one of her favorite games.  My daughter would rather pour the crayons out of the box then one at a time place them back into the box. As each crayon goes in the box I announce the color. She repeats. She recognizes there are colors in her world yet she does not know them by name.  This morning as we played this little game I was struck deep. Something so real to me.  There was a time in my...

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