…Seeing the truth that sets us free…

Lately God had been showing me that my struggles are rooted in a seeing problem. I struggle seeing His love because I am only seeing the lies the enemy has fired. I struggle loving some one because I only see the hurt they caused. I struggle with selfless giving because I see my needs first. I struggle seeing good in a situation because I am focused on the negatives…

I am seeing the world through my own selfish goggles. Can you relate to this at times?

Peter could. In the gospel of Mark chapter 8 Jesus said to Peter, ” You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s” NLT

How can we daily see what God sees? How can we daily put on His goggles?

Through prayer, reading God’s Word, and slowing to listen He gives us the ability, the power. The power to see with His eyes, see truth. The truth that will set us free.

Will you take the challenge with me to daily seek truth? To daily put on God’s goggles? Join me on this journey, doing life one day at a time. In the everyday we can see His truth, in the grim of life. Whether in the valley or on mountain top, God has truth to reveal to us. Everyday, He is speaking! Are we seeking?

If we saw everyday through God’s goggles what would we see?

I invite you to take a look with me. To give God a chance to speak to you. To see yourself and all that is around you with God’s goggles.