Taking an evening stroll along riverside, my family and I. We are on a little vacation. Catching up with family and friends. Even here, out of our normal routine; God is with us! I see Him. All around me!

Ducks are dancing on top for the dark river water. Their quacking chorus in the air. These ducks, they remind us of days gone by. Throwing stale bread to feather friends. As we walk, someone chimes in, “you know, bread is one of the worst things to feed them, I have heard. It backs them up.” Another, “why do they eat it then? If it is not good for them.”

Why do they? Why do ducks eat what is not good for them? Seems silly, and yet…what of us? Do we continually do things that are not good for us? Do we continue to reach for what may corupt us? Do we eat “the bread”, bite the fruit? Are we not as the ducks?

It may not be food for us. It could be how we spend our time, the things we buy, the places we go. Are they good? Are they building us up, up into Christ. Are the things we are doing leading us into a deeper, fuller love relationship with Christ.

Are we eating bread? The bread that will bloat us. Stick to our spiritual guts and clog the flow of love, grace, joy. What we touching? What are we tasting?

2 Corinthians 6:17 Therefore go out from their midst and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no uncean thing; then I will welcome you