I am still fairly new to this parenting journey however as the days go by I am reminded again and again of its reflection of my own relationship with my heavenly Father. 

He is teaching me about Him, about me through my relationship with my girls. God is opening my heart and mind to His ways and His love. 

It is evening. My husband is gracefully walking our toddler through the bedtime routine. I likewise am getting the baby ready for the night. As the minutes tick by, I am dreading the feeding. In recent days a third tooth has popped with white from the fourth shining behind translucent gum. During the last four months of teething biting has increased in the process of each tooth. 

I bring her close dreading, knowing that a bite is very possible.

First bite. I pull her away. 

Second bite. I set her on the bed and in a firm tone. “No! No biting.” 

Her lip quivers and tears pour out of her eyes. I know I got her attention this time. (I realize we all have different thoughts on this subject so bear with me.) On that night something changed. My seven month old knew I was communicating something important to her. My baby has not bitten again. Hearing “no” was valuable. 

Even a baby needs to know there are boundaries. There are things that are good. And there are things that are bad for ourselves and others. 

Just as my baby learned from a “no”, God has taught me through a “no”. Not everything I do or want is a “yes”. Every choice I have made hasn’t been good. I have made mistakes, and I have needed to hear my Father say “no”. I have grown from those times. 

Despite my pucked lip and tears, I have learned the ways of my Father are best. I have seen that my choices impact others. I recognize that my bite in the moment seemed right but lead to pain for another. 

Whether we are seven months or ninety years we need to hear “no” from time to time. We need help staying on the straight and narrow. 

The ways of our Father are best!


Psalm 18:30 As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him. NKJV

2 Samuel 22:33-34 God is my strong fortress, and he makes my way perfect. He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights. NLT

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. ESV