Daily living is full of beautiful God glimpses. When my heart and mind are focused on seeing Him it is amazing how much I can truly find Him. In the small mundane moments.

We were taking an evening walk. My husband, pushing our expressive daughter in the stroller and me, walking beside. I was enjoying our conversation. A time to catch up and share our hearts with one another. Suddenly from the thick grassy ditch a little cry and up pops fur new and white. A kitten! She quickly found security at our ankles. Walking back and forth, rubbing her petite body and singing a meow melody.

We continued to walk and she followed. We, like a new home, safety.

A few more steps; panting from behind, a dog was now with us. “What!” I thought. “These animals are interrupting our walk. I just wanted some time with my husband here!”

Up and down our bumpy dirt road. The kitten and dog at our feet the whole time. It didn’t take long to discover the dog and kitten had a special relationship. The dog seemed to be watching, protecting the kitten.

They walked with us a while. I was beginning to relax, let go. I didn’t anticipate having these little fury friends with us, but here they were. Needing love, friendship. So in this moment, my expectations, my will, aside. There must be something here. Something I can learn.

A car drove by and the scene changed rapidly. No longer playful and curious.

The dog had the kitten by its neck. He was running, running toward home. The kitten slipped from its wet, slobber grip. Frantically re-securing his mouth around the neck and off running again. Through trees, passing fence line and home again. Safe. The kitten brought to safety again.

What can be learned here? What does the dog and kitten teach me?

Often times I have been like the kitten. Searching for love and security in the wrong places. Being close to danger and not even aware.

The dog gave me a picture of the Holy Spirit. Staying close, comforting, protecting. The third person in the trinity. The One who has been my guide through dark seasons. The One who has protected and carried me to safety. Just as the dog carried the kitten.

What a beautiful picture I don’t deserve! From a walk that I thought was a frustrating disaster turned out to be a teaching picture moment. So there He was in the middle of a normal activity, speaking to me.

John 14:16 & 17 Jesus speaking, “…And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate (Comforter), who will never leave you. He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth…”