Folding laundry. A simple task. Something that takes just a few minutes. Fold the towels and put them away.

I am finding as a mom tasks that took a few minute now can be spread over hours. Things that had there place are now strung across the room. (Yes, I am one of those organizers that has a “home” for almost everything).

At first I would itch from the inside out. I could not count on time and that pot holder just needs to be hung up on the hook! Frustration and annoyance tickled my being. Some days I wanted to crawl up and hide other days I just sighed and did my best to ignore.

Lately I have been discovering the joy. The joy of simply being. Being in the moment. Enjoying it. Realizing this is the season we are in, and it won’t last forever. Realizing that the fresh laundry flung across the room is not an annoyance but a joy! Seeing that time really doesn’t hold value when we are together…living…loving.

I may have to fold the laundry three time before it gets put away, but that is okay. It may take me a half hour longer to make supper and that it okay too. It is okay because it is for a season. A season of being. Being alive and loving my child in the now, where she is at. Treating her with more value than the tasks before me. Teaching her that she is worthy of my affections.

Can you imagine if God treated us based on time and organization? Can you imagine if He said I will listen to you once I get these shirts folded? Or I will play with you after the dishes are done? No. He is ready always. Always our Father, Daddy. Always listening. Always caring about our needs from little to great. God is the ultimate “parent”.

I want to strive to love my family like that. Unconditionally. When we can learn to love like our heavenly Father we are reflecting Him to our families. We are pointing them to Him.

That is it! I want nothing more than to see my daughter run into the arms of her Creator – Daddy. That is the best, safest place for her to be.

Recently a friend of mine said, “having laundry to do means you have ones now in this moment to love, care for, and hold.” Awww, Yes! I am blessed. I am blessed in this mess.


Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ESV