At this point my daughter can not communicate with words. She makes sounds, gestures, and cries when she has a need. Sometimes it seems she doesn’t even know what she needs.

Often times she is so tired, but doesn’t have the ability to know “I need to sleep” and the action of laying down. She goes and goes until she falls or can’t do something she wants to then the tears roll. The world is heavy; the small things seem ginormous.

Can you relate? I know I can. I go and go. Pushing forward. Busy, busy. Not taking the time to realize what my needs are. Not pausing and being still with my heavenly Father. Going and going…until…I am on my butt, looking up. How did this happen? The world around me feels dark and heavy. I get upset about the little things. The cereal bowl left on the counter all day is now crusty. The spit up on the floor, on my clean shirt. The tears roll. Why does life feel so heavy?

I want to stop and pray yet I am not sure what to say. How do I pray now? My heart is heavy. The words stuck, stuck in the mud.

There is beauty in being a child of God. A rich blessing. The Holy Spirit sent. The Holy Spirit filling in the heavy places. The Holy Spirit speaking on behalf of our heavy hearts. We don’t always need the words. But we do need the faith to pause, reflect, and trust that He will guide us, help us in every need.

Romans 8:26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself interceded for us with groanings too deep for words. ESV

When my daughter falls her needs overwhelming her world I bend low lifting her little body into my arms. Drawing her close, embracing her. I know her need better than she does in that moment. Tenderly I carry her to crib side. As soon as I begin to settle her in the crib, her body responds. She knows now. She knows this will meet her need. She accepts. Eyes close. Rest.

She trusted me to meet her need. Do we trust our Father? Do we let Him carry us to bed side? Are we resting in the assurance of His guiding Spirit?

This is an old poem I found buried among my stacks…
Who prays? I ask
For you and I
Our cups richly supplied
Our parents, teachers, friends all our needs
Unknown to their eyes
So who prays? I ask
For you and I
Our cups overflow
Ourselves, can not understand
What needs be today
Yes, who prays? I ask
Our cups warmeth to the soul
Who knows that well?
Both you and I
That in everyday needs supplied
Who prays? I ask
And there I see
The One who knows us best
He hung on the tree
Now in Heaven, resides
As Intercessor for you and I
Who prays? I ask
Yes I see!
The One who lives in you, in me