The evenings have been beautiful lately. Not so humid, cooler refreshing air. My husband and I take advantage of such evenings. We load our “Energetic Bundle” into the stroller and off we go. We don’t travel far, just up and down our country road. We chat about our day and life in general. We share joys and disappointments. No masks are needed. This is life, doing life together.

A few evenings ago on our travels, we came across this dead tree. We noticed its trunk with big holes and its bark fragile. The tree looked as though it would fall over with just a little push.

The next evening, as we approached the tree I noticed leaves around it. I said, “Hey! It looks as though the dead tree has leaves.” Upon a closer examination, we found the tree truly did have leaves. One side of the tree still had life. The tree looked dead for sure, so I assumed the leaves around it were from another. Two branches still lived and were surprisingly thriving even though we could see right through the tree’s trunk.

The roots were firm. Still providing the tree the nourishment it needed.

There was a season in my life that I felt very much like that tree. Dead, empty.

Sometimes our struggles and trials leave big holes. Sometimes our bark looks fragile. But if our roots are in Christ they remain strong, firm; the nourishment we need.

Despite our difficult circumstances, we can still have branches and vibrant green leaves if our foundation, source of strength remain in Christ.

Even in that season when I felt dead when others may have only seen my holes God saw something different. He was using the holes to make me whole. God gives life even in the hurting, painful places. God is the strength and nourishment we need to keep our vibrant green leaves.

The trunk may have taken a beating, but the roots held firm.


2 Timothy 2:19 But God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: “The LORD knows those who are his,” and “All who belong to the LORD must turn away from evil.” NLT